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Who we are

Macoscope is all about creating amazing products for iPads, iPhones, and Macs.

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Our developers love beautiful interfaces and our designers crave bug-free code.

We have shipped 20+ own apps
with 700.000+ downloads to date.

We love good design and pretty code

We are a group of experienced designers and developers working together on delivering top‐notch products.

We understand business needs and
come up with the best solutions for
various problems in different areas.

It's simple:
we design, develop, and test
the app until it’s perfect.

We love building applications

We would love to build
an app for you.

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We are always thrilled to engage
with our clients’ ideas.

We can help you


You came up with an idea or a preliminary concept?

Do you need to discuss it? We will help you transform your idea into a working product.


You want to accelerate your app development process?

We will turn your idea into a cutting-edge application with brilliant design and clean code.


Are you looking for someone to take care of your existing app?

We’ll provide maintenance and work on improving it. We’re pretty frequently asked to rescue projects plagued with bad code or lousy design.

Our recent projects


iPhone, Android

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Bubble Browser


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Birdseye Mail


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iPhone & iPad

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Code Pilot


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Apps recognized by the media

Our clients love working with us

We’re sure you will too.

Peter Holm

We needed full-spectrum services in terms of mobile apps (both iOS and Android). Macoscope provided us with world-class designs, and a smooth development process. We couldn’t be more proud of the final product or more satisifed with the collaboration with the software house.

Ryan Janssen

I’ve been an entrepreneur for 18 years and Macoscope is the finest I’ve ever worked with. They get mobile at every level: UX, design, and development. They played no small role in saving my business. I couldn’t have asked for more.

Waynn Lue

Macoscope consists of really talented and committed engineers. I met them the team personally and was impressed by the way they think and work. In addition to delivering great code, they maintain a open and straight forward communication, something absolutely necessary, but too often missed.

Hashem Bajwa

Macoscope’s team are great to work with, they are responsive, accountable, organized and focused on successful outcomes and goals.

Radek Żabiński
Mind the Kids

In my work, I always try to surround myself with people who love what they do. I have found a team like that at Macoscope.

Akshay Rangnekar

The biggest difference that comes from working with Macoscope is the level of insight and initiative that they bring to a project. They've worked with me each time to figure out the right way to meet my objectives. These guys are true partners in the build process, which is an extremely rare capability.

Jordan Stolper

Thoughtful coders and impeccable communicators; Macoscope makes for an ideal development partner.

Paweł Jakub Dawidek
Wheel Systems

It was a real pleasure to work with Macoscope guys on an iOS project. They are team of professionals, they know the platform throughout and deliver high quality software on time.

Matt Pacyga

From the first email introduction to meeting in person, Macoscope has talented people in business and software engineering. It's great to find a company that is refreshing from all departments, this is a company that I can recommend to my network.

James Musick
Social Pack

I've had a great experience working with Macoscope - they are attentive, on time, and create a quality product. They meshed well with our backend development team and our tools/processes - while adding good insight and value to the elements they contributed on.

Michael Sliwinski

Macoscope guys know their stuff. You turn to them with an iOS app concept and they'll simply make it happen. I've been working with them for several years now and they constantly keep on adding their expertise to improve the projects we're involved in.

Robert Spychala
Birdseye Mail

Macoscope is an amazingly talented group of iOS developers. Top notch.

PJ Tael

Great service & great team to work with.

We are a team

Our distinct skill sets complement each other and that’s why we’re able to quickly tackle any problem we encounter.

That’s how the magic happens.

Zbigniew Sobiecki
Daniel Owsiański
Wojtek Rolecki
Boomer the dog
Karol Kozub
Dominik Strzałkowski
Jarek Pendowski
Agata Radzińska
Rafał Augustyniak
Dawid Woldu
Maciej Sienkiewicz
Klaudia Czarnecka
Justyna Dolińska
Jan Szelągiewicz
Arek Holko
Michał Kałużny
Bartek Chlebek
Piotr Ziomacki
Tomek Kulikowski
Łukasz Kwoska
Łukasz Frankiewicz
Paweł Halicki
Krzysiek Werys
Maciek Grzybowski
Marek Podleśny
Marta Klimowicz
Przemek Stasiak



Zbigniew is a self-taught software developer-turned-entrepreneur. His first gigs for C programming came the age of 16. He started writing patches for the Linux kernel in 1998. Over the years, he has gained expertise in computer security, networking, voice over IP, telecommunications, mobile network operations, user experience, startups, and management.

He has consulted on management boards; hired, trained, and managed staff; coordinated multinational projects (30+ people); and designed and built hardware devices.

Zbigniew has founded three startups. The first failed, the second was sold to a public company, and the third (Macoscope) still thrives.



Board Member

A natural-born inventor, Daniel is obsessed with improving things. He received an education in electronics and has been a dedicated follower of computers since the early C64 days.

He wears a thousand hats: he went through being early adopter of Ruby, a Java architect, a JavaScript monkey, to finally settle down (at least for now) in the realm of Objective-C.

He currently uses his MBA knowledge and years of UX experience to foster innovation and put a dent in the universe with Macoscope's products and services.

Developers, developers, developers!
- an unknown author from the company whose name starts with M.



Board Member

Wojtek is a cofounder of Macoscope and now serves the company as project lead and developer with over 15 years of IT experience in many different areas. He graduated from the University of Warsaw with a degree in computer science. A habitual troubleshooter, he is focused on creating products that make lives better.

When not sitting in front of his Mac, he spends time speeding around on his road bike. His other hobbies include all kinds of music and photography. He is also our resident crazy cat lady.



The Dog

The Chief Canine Officer here at the Macoscope offices. A mixture of only the best breeds, this dedicated cat problem solver was indispensable in establishing the company’s feline policy and is its chief enforcer. A veteran of the IT business, Boomer has over 18 months of experience with coders, designers, and executives. Loves trotting around the premises, getting behind-the-ear rubs, and chasing down every elusive bug (i.e. cat) that tries to introduce chaos into the ever-harmonious Macoscope realm.



iOS Developer

Karol is a talented programmer, fluent in many languages. Interested primarily in artificial intelligence and game programming, he’s a very big fan of clean and readable code, even at the cost of slightly decreased performance.

In his spare time, he enjoys climbing and mountaineering.



Head of Design

Dominik is a user interface and user experience designer with a focus on Apple devices (iPad, iPhone, Mac). He is extremely well-versed in brand design, infographics, and book design. He has worked on over 70 projects for more than 60 clients.

He is fascinated by innovative designs that solve real-life problems, and thanks to his broad design experience, he is able to be both flexible and at ease with managing the design process. Interested in creativity theories. Focuses primarily on readability and employs aesthetics as an instrument of conveying the content as clearly as possible.

In his free time, Dominik maniacally speeds around the streets of Warsaw on his road bike.




Jarek is a creator. His creative endeavors mostly revolve around developing applications—from working with an idea to actually bringing it to life. He loves his work — whether it's digital or sticking together two seemingly different things to make something new, different, and useful.

As a kid, he wrote software in BASIC and Pascal. Started doing commercial work on Web technologies when he was still a freshman in high school. He has worked with .NET with companies like Novell and Microsoft. He finally switched to the light side of the force and now develops mostly in Objective-C, but he still has a soft spot for the Web. Holds a degree in computer graphics.

He loves music, whistles constantly, and even sings when no one’s watching. Fascinated by human nature and psychology, he also likes to write.



Chief Wellbeing Officer

Agata is graced with the innate ability to manage both people and resources for maximum efficacy. Some people spend valuable time looking for perfect "team structure" or "process", whereas Agata instinctively intuited years ago that the secret to great teams is choosing people for their individual strengths. Using this approach, she managed time and time again to increase the quality of her teams' output by making everyone focus on what they do best.

She enjoys the challenge of analyzing the symptoms of an ailing project, identifying what is wrong, and finding the solution. She loves managing all of the variables and realigning them until she's sure to have arranged them properly. After all—there just might be a better way, right?

In her free time, she is totally head over heels with acroyoga practice.



iOS Developer

Affected by Apple's user experience, Rafał decided to become an iOS/OS X developer. He doesn't like having too much free time on his hands and is constantly looking for something productive to do. Passionate about everything related to programming, spends hours reading (Apple's) documentation. He remains convinced that code isn't just supposed to be a “working thing.” He’s deeply interested in broadly defined code architecture.

He enjoys sleeping and reading good books.



Graphic Designer

Dawid embodies mediocrity but he always tries very hard. A master of laconic descriptions and a fan of self-deprecating humor.



Objective-C Developer/Scrum Master

Maciej has been impressed by Apple’s efforts to think different since their very beginning. After years of developing for the web, he finally switched from merely using Apple devices to actually programming for them. A perfectionist, seeking every opportunity to improve code, can’t stand workarounds. Loves beautiful and clean code. Interested in robotics, often involved in efforts to infect younger generations with passion for the field.

When detached from his Mac, he goes paragliding for some fresh air.



Office Manager

Klaudia is an incredibly energetic and open-minded person. She loves to help others and take up new challenges. At Macoscope, she is responsible for handling organizational matters and managing the office. Outside of work, her primary area of interest is fashion: she loves to sew and rework old clothes. In the future she would like to put all her energies into fashion design.



Junior iOS Developer

A computer science student at the University of Warsaw and the youngest (in terms of experience) part of the team.

When she joined Macoscope, she had little knowledge of iOS and OS X environments, but she was eager to learn and shared our love of beautiful code. Thanks to her own programming skills and expertise she acquired in the course of her studies, her progress has been incredible. She hopes to become a great developer who gives her utmost to create marvelous applications for Apple devices.

She loves everything she finds beautiful: well-written code, good books, old movies, the view from the top of a mountain, dreams, music, and more.



Content Editor

A neurobiologist by education, a translator by trade, and a jack-of-all-tirades (that's not a typo). Finally making the switch to a G4 PowerBook in 2008, in circumstances not unlike the ones encountered by Ellen Feis, Janek committed himself to the Apple ecosystem and is now an out-and-proud evangelist of all things Cupertino with two successful conversions under his belt. After spending the better part of a decade in the realm of the written word, working for production conglomerates, publishing houses, movie festivals, and government institutions, he now plies his trade at the Macoscope HQ.

In his spare time, he enjoys vacuuming up as much text as possible. His goal in life is to know everything so that he can retire as a human encyclopedia and live next door to the Prada store in Marfa, TX.



iOS Developer

Arek started programming for iOS devices after using Macs for a couple of years back in his days as a backend developer. Before joining Macoscope, he worked on his own app which was well-received by customers and tech publications alike and even ended up getting featured by Apple on the front page of the US App Store.

In his free time, Arek enjoys working on his open-source projects, reading about computer science and all things tech, and indoor cycling.



iOS and OS X Developer

Michał is the youngest member of the Macoscope crew, but don't let his age fool you. Michał has traveled the globe looking for his own place in the world, accruing over ten years of professional experience in the process, eventually finding Macoscope to be all that he was looking for. He exemplifies the saying that even the biggest mistakes of youth can be fixed, after a couple of years spent working as a web developer, Michał now understands that there's only one way to go: The Apple Way™.

Outside of work, Michał spends countless hours making his apartment smarter through multiple Arduinos, Raspberry Pis, and lines of tailor-made code to make it all work. When he’s done with that for the night, he loves to play through his vast collection of video games.



iOS and Swift Developer

Bartek began his adventures in coding after he purchased his first iPhone (the 3G) along with his first MacBook (the one with OG white plastic casing). Enthralled with the magic™ of the touchscreen emanating from his pocket, he experienced the irresistible desire to grace it with his own beautiful applications. A huge fan of Swift, he still keeps Objective-C very close to his heart. If you have a couple of hours to kill and want to discuss code, he's your man.

The fact that something is working is just not enough for Bartek, understanding "why" it works is paramount for him. Both his professional efforts and his personal life are governed by the "less is more" adage. He considers the process of designing APIs an attempt at ordering chaos. He spends his free time listening to podcasts on long walks and watching videos on YouTube's numerous education channels.

He believes air conditioning to be humanity's greatest invention.



Android Developer

An Android developer focused on the user. Believes that excellent UX should lay at the foundation of every application. Piotr considers Google's Material Design the best thing to grace the mobile app development world since sliced bread. Values clean, elegant code that doesn't require the developer to read through multiple comments in order to grasp its basics.

Piotr is a graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology with a major in telecommunications. Before joining Macoscope, he worked for Orange and, a Polish job board.

In his free time, Piotr enjoys playing basketball, practicing the guitar, and cycling.



Android Developer

Advocate of the adage: “It’s about quality, not quantity.” Both his desk and his code are neat and orderly. Started working on his first dynamic websites back in junior high, studiously reading whatever PHP tutorials he could find. Grew enamored with Java and open source projects in college. After the release of Android, Tomasz fell in love with the possibilities of mobile apps and smartphone platforms.

Graduate of the Bialystok University of Technology. His professional experience includes freelance gigs, stints at startups, and a full-time position in Samsung’s R&D Institute Poland.

Veteran of the Scouting movement, where he served as an instructor. Loves to spend his free time outside city limits, likes to drive his car, tinker, and hang out with friends.



iOS Developer

Relentlessly positive, always on the lookout for new things to learn. Over the course of 13 years spent in the IT industry, he dabbled in all aspects of mobile: Symbian, J2ME, Windows CE, Windows Phone, Android, and finally iOS.

Loves going low-level and is passionate about C++ and high-performance code. Interested in IT security and cryptography. Fell in love in with Swift after its release. Swift opened his eyes on Functional Programming and Haskell in particular, whose paradigms Łukasz strives to embed in every line of code he writes.

In his free time, he usually tinkers with physical simulation, AI, GPU Path Tracing, and other useless pieces of software. When not in front of a computer, he either goes running or plays one of the many musical instruments he own.



UX/UI Designer

An architect and problem solver, passionate about user experience and minimalist aesthetics. First delved into the design world with the help of the rusty Photoshop 7.0 and it quickly evolved into a lifelong passion and a successful career. His area of expertise covers product design, interaction prototyping, project management, and more recently, motion design.

An analytic personality combined with excellent design intuition molded by years of experience allows him to effortlessly pick correct solutions. Likes to take point on and manage projects he works on. An exacting product owner, Łukasz never demands more from his team than he does from himself.

Loves all things manual, from fixing things to cooking, takes pleasure in long conversations over good Scotch. A huge e-sports fan.



Experience Designer

A seasoned and keen observer of humans, Paweł is focused on the way technology shapes our lives, from daily rituals and secret habits to experiences with products and interactions with organizations. Passionate about research, he combines an impressive imagination with never-ending enthusiasm for implementation. Over the past 10 years, Paweł harnessed his creativity, imagination, and enthusiasm to deliver projects for brands, businesses, and organizations. Part-time game designer, culinary experimenter, badminton prodigy, and hummus enthusiast.



iOS Developer

Krzysztof graduated the Warsaw University of Technology with a degree in computer science.

Although a huge fan of Apple, he can’t resist a fresh pear. Loves perfect, clean code. Works hard to make Agile his second name. He also tries to become more agile in general with the help of his reddish-pinkish mountain bike.



iOS Developer

Developing Flash games in junior high served as Maciek’s gateway into the world of development. Years later he graduated the Warsaw University of Technology with a computer engineering degree. Worked at all sorts of companies on a wide variety of projects, ranging from advert games, major startups, to enterprise apps. Now, he keeps falling in love with Swift at Macoscope.

In his spare time, he works on his indie game projects. He loves to run and enjoys various sports, with soccer being number one on the list. A table tennis pro.



Ruby on Rails Developer

Technological innovation addict. Has a keyboard glued to his hands and an iPhone to stuck to the side of his head. Loves delicious food and good movies. Known for his perfectionist streak, champion of the “Everything has its own place” approach, especially with regard to code.



Marketing Manager

Ten-year veteran of the IT business with a PhD in sociology. Specializes in e-marketing, developing new business projects, and community management.

Yoga and pilates teacher, currently retired. ;)



iOS Developer

Started his career in mobile development back when he was still studying for his computer engineering degree. After a couple of months spent on Symbian projects, he delved into the world of iOS as a sort of afterthought. Before he even noticed, he was completely engrossed with it and quickly began to see world in square brackets.

“There’s a fine line between genius and insanity.”
‐ Oscar Levant

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