Display Calendar Events on a Watch Face with Android Wear

The watch face displaying upcoming calendar events was developed in relation to the Grand Central Board, a board for the new Apple TV that is used by the Macoscope team on a daily basis. In my previous post, I described the process of drawing the watch face itself. In this episode, I’d like to elaborate on displaying upcoming calendar events on the watch. My primary assumption was that events will be pulled from only one calendar. There are a couple of different available ways to pull events from calendars, but not all of them fit the criteria described above. Below, you will find the approaches I’ve tested and my pick for the optimal one.
This entire project is based on Android Wear 1.0 gcbpanel

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Automated UI Testing with Jenkins CI

For years, Jenkins has been the software of choice for companies offering Continuous Integration (CI) servers. Simplicity, a wide range available plugins, and a free software license make Jenkins a very appealing choice.

Jenkins is by no means a new offer on the market, that’s why its capabilities can be somewhat surprising. Although we’ve been using CI servers in Macoscope for quite some time now, using them for automating UI tests allowed us to uncover a whole new set of their abilities.


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How to Choose a Software Development Company to Build Your App?

Recently, I spent some time on Quora sharing our knowledge about app design, app development, working with software development companies, etc., with fellow Quorans.

What I’ve noticed is that when users ask how they can find a good software development company, and they do so pretty often, they get flooded with hundreds of spammy messages and links to company websites. Even employees of companies that get mentioned show up to emphasize their successes and specialties. However, I am not convinced this is really helpful for the person asking the question.

When it comes to looking for recommended industry professionals, I always have one answer: spend some time on Clutch.co. This is a B2B research-and-reviews directory focused on development, design, and marketing companies.

How to Choose a Software Development Company

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Improving Communication with Your Design Team

The most important factor that directly determines the efficiency of our communication efforts is the so-called “shared understanding.” Everyone on the team needs to know the purpose of the product, the idea behind it, the needs of the end users, and the actual value we are delivering. We all have to agree on every single one of these issues. Not only that − all of us, as a company, need to discuss the user experience, the deliverables, and the business potential of the product.

So what are the best practices we use to achieve shared understanding between the client and the design team, and to improve communication?

How to Improve Communication with Design Team?

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Swap Your Old-Fashioned Keychain for a Location-Aware App

In his last post, Mateusz presented our first step to making our office a little bit smarter. We developed and implemented a solution that allows us to open the front gate without leaving our desks, simply by pressing button in a desktop app. After simplifying the process of admitting guests to the premises, we decided that it’s high time to focus on making our own arrival at the office more convenient and geeky. Without further ado, let me introduce the Gate Key project.


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