Bubble Browser’s Fisheye or How to Make a Dock-like Control for iOS

When we decided to create Bubble Browser for the iPad, we didn’t want to blatantly copy the OS X version to iOS. We desired to create a brand new app, tailored specifically for touch screen. There’s no doubt that typing on the iPad is cumbersome, so it’s not uncommon for iOS apps to display alphabetical indexes that make narrowing a selection easier. Unfortunately, those indexes are mostly static and dull (as seen in the Contacts app)—no wonder we didn’t want to go that way. Instead, we’ve opted for something fresh, dynamic, and extremely interactive—the fisheye.

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Macoscope team


On Monday, we’re launching our shiny new blog! We’re going to write about iOS and OS X development, design and everything in between. No nonsense. We promise.

The first post, written by Bartosz, will unveil the secrets of the fisheye menu control as seen in Bubble Browser for the iPad. Despite seemingly obvious interaction mechanism, under the hood, it’s actually quite a complicated beast.

For the record, a blog is just a first of the many upcoming changes.

Stay tuned and see you on Monday!