Desktop Wallpapers You Can Use

We’ve decided to create a couple of wallpapers you can use on your brand new Mavericks desktop. We care deeply about productivity and we often find wallpapers that get boring after a couple of days, or ones that are simply a distraction.

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Bubble Browser for iPhone/Sensus and How We Designed for a Device We Had Never Seen

After the release of Bubble Browser for iPad, it seemed quite natural to take one step forward and adjust Bubble Browser for the iPhone. On the one hand, we doubted whether an iPhone version was really necessary. On the other, we wanted to go with the flow. Furthermore, Conopy team asked us to create something cool for their Sensus case. That’s how it happened.

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NSURL Cheat Sheet

Have you ever tried to recall what was the method name you needed to extract some specific part of an NSURL? If so, our cheat sheet is for you.

Get it, print it, stick it on your wall!

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The Srcset Attribute

Hold on to Reality: Restrain Your Creativity And Your Feedback

Limit Yourself

Tip 1: Limit Your Possibilities

Based on our experience with our newest project, Bubble Browser, a visual browser for Evernote notes, we wanted to present our approach to implementing innovative solutions in applications. The assumptions we held throughout the development process allowed us, a group of five, to create a stable, and in our opinion, conceptually revolutionary, product in a little over six months.

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