Nozbe & iOS 7 – Part 2: What Else Have We Done

In my last article on the redesign of Nozbe for iOS7 I focused primarily on the imperfections that managed to evade our scrutiny when we shipped our last update of the app. The piece turned out to be extremely important to our Nozbe team. It stirred up a lot of emotions as it focused on our mistakes and oversights and that’s always hard to accept. But it left us with a lot of motivations and determination to keep our promises: we fixed all the bugs and everything that annoyed our users the most, also patching up a few “cosmetic” things in the process.

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Code Pilot – 7 days later


Addresses Revealed

I’m not a fan of the development cycle on iOS. The delays caused by recompilation and app launch are so frustrating that I try go through this tedious process as rarely as possible. Obviously, I still have to get some work done, so lately I’ve found myself using two tools indispensable in the course of making my life easier…

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The Story of Code Pilot

Today we’re making Code Pilot open source. It’s been an amazing ride with this product for us as a company and me personally, so I wanted to take this chance and tell you its story.

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Console patch for Quartz Composer

TL;DR QCConsole is a free and open source printf/NSLog/put-like patch for your Quartz Composer compositions.

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