Dear Santa, aka All I Want For Christmas is an Apple Watch

Dear Santa,

My name is Matt Chomsky, I am seven years old and I have a younger brother and Mommy, and Daddy. We live in Ohio, and I like it here a lot, I have many friends here.

I’ve been a very good this year. I help Mommy with the dishes and I keep my room clean, and I sometimes help Daddy wash the car. I am also very nice to my brother, and it is really hard, because he’s annoying.

Thank you for all the presents last year, I had a fun playing with the remote controlled car, I especially liked the small drummer set, but now Mommy says it doesn’t work anymore and she gave it to our neighbours, though I really asked her not to.

This year I am not going to ask for a lot, I just want one thing: an Apple Watch. This will be perfect for me and will help me to marry Jo-Anne.

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How to Address and Solve Team Issues Quickly and Effectively?


Over the past 6 months our team expanded from 15 people to over 30+ and, as one can imagine, we experienced the entire range of issues that can stem from such a growth. Not only did we have a lot of new names to learn, we also had to find the solutions and tools that would make our collaboration smoother and more effective.

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Taming Core Data

Over here at Macoscope, we’re ardent believers in giving back to the software development community: we’ve organized developer meet-ups at our offices, shared our repositories, and spoke at a number of events.

A couple of weeks ago, Arkadiusz Holko, one of our iOS developers, had a chance to share his knowledge at a local meet-up.

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21 Books On Business, Design and Development Every Entrepreneur Should Read


With holidays just around the corner, we decided to share with you a couple of our favourite tomes: the following list covers a broad range of topics and will be an excellent resource for everyone interested in modern technologies and how they change. The list was prepared by the entire Macoscope Team, so it will include recommendations from developers, designers, but also from the Macoscope founders, the latter focused more on operations, sales, and marketing. Hope you will find our listing inspirational!

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How to Detect Whether an Application Is Running Inside a UI Test Environment


UI tests are here to stay, so we are all moving towards using them in our applications. Although, in general, an application shouldn’t know if it’s running inside a UI test…

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