OUTlife: the LGBTQ Community Empowerment App


It is our privilege to present the most ambitious LGBTQ social networking app in the world. OUTlife is designed to empower all gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people and includes features that enable them to easily share their experiences, personal stories, and meet new people in a safe and hate-free environment. It is not just another dating app, but a secure community designed with a strong focus on friendships and mutual support in mind. “Most networks are either aimed at lesbians or gays, and they are all about sex or dating. OUTlife is unique because we focus on everyday life and the small but special moments we experience and share with friends, acquaintances, and partners. It’s a completely different approach from the other sites that are out there. But the most important thing for us is to be inclusive and be the network for everyone in the community. That’s why our motto is: Be the YOU you are,” says Peter Holm, OUTlife CEO.

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How to Work Effectively on Your Mobile App? Part 1: The Team

At Macoscope, we consider working in close-knit teams to be one of our core values. It means that not only do we act like a team when working internally, but the precept also applies to our relationships with clients. We act as a team, regardless of whether you are a co-worker sitting in the same office, or a paying client we have never met in person. Moreover, it means that we don’t work separately from each other: when hiring Macoscope, you won’t be paying for a single developer, you will be getting a dedicated team, with the combined skillset and extensive know-how of its members, accrued over years of experience. When necessary, the team working on your project will be able to use the knowledge and expertise of other Macoscope team members.

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How (Not) to Create a Spell Server for Mac OS X


A while ago, I was asked to figure out how to implement a custom spell-checking service for Mac OS X. The service was commissioned by the people behind Remember, a remarkable project intended to prevent further use of the incorrect phrase “Polish death camps” by journalists and the general public. The task seemed trivial and a cursory search on the Web yielded a result I expected: the Foundation Framework contains the NSSpellServer class which would allow me to implement what I wanted in a fairly straightforward manner.

“Easy,” I thought, “what can go wrong?” And oh boy, if I only knew how wrong I was. Let me tell you a short story about the time I almost pulled half of my hair out.

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