Trends and Concepts for 2016: Sensors and the Workplace


The turn of each year is marked with forecasters trying their best to predict trends that will take the world by storm in the coming twelve months. Tech, design, and business consultancies are busy trying to identify tendencies and opportunities that might occur in the near future and figure out how to help others tap into them. We thought that it might be fun to show how these trends might work together in an app. In order to take advantage of their full potential and demonstrate how our approach positions trends as business and design opportunities, we combined them with real user needs. Trends are a great creativity trigger, but when it comes to app design you need to be both creative and realistic, so we distilled one idea that banged around our heads into a concept of an app that might actually work and help people.

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Grand Central Board for the Apple TV

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It is with a great deal of pride that I’d like to present to you the Grand Central Board, the latest Open Source project that we have started here at Macoscope.

Seeing that this is my first post on this blog, I should probably introduce myself, maybe even show off a little bit. Some of you may even know me already, because one of my previous Open Source projects, Design Patterns In Swift, gained real traction in the community and, with over 5000 stars, gave me quite the reputation in worldwide Swift rankings on GitHub Awards.

But now let me tell you the story of how this new project came to life.

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Persona-Oriented Mobile App Design and Development


No matter how similar users may seem at first glance, there are always some crucial differences between them that stem directly from their different needs, and different problems they are trying to solve with your app.

Regardless of whether your app is already alive or you just started thinking about its development, at some point you will have to characterize different groups of users you’d like to attract with your product. Personas are one tool you should seriously consider when doing marketing research and today I would like to share with you how they can work in a case study.

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