What I Learned About Product, Design and Coding at the MCE Conference

Last week, along with a couple of colleagues I attended the Mobile Central Europe (MCE^3) conference in Kinoteka, a sprawling cinema complex in downtown Warsaw.

This year saw the third installment of the conference, focused on bringing designers, developers, and everyone in between together to share knowledge with people from around the world.

The number 3 in the name of conference had one additional meaning. There were three talk tracks, each one with a separate overarching theme: Engineering, Design−both of which we already know from prior editions of the conference−and a new one, introduced only this year, Product. I decided to leave my developer comfort zone and learn something new from all three tracks.

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8 Tech-Related Blog Posts You May Have Missed in Q1 on the Macoscope Blog

Here at Macoscope, we believe in supporting other developers and we try to give back to the dev community whenever we can. You can follow our GitHub repositories, we support local Swift meet-ups and regularly share our know-how on this blog and in our newsletter. Since following blogs can be too time-consuming nowadays, I decided to gather the tech-centered blog posts you may have missed that we published over the course of the last quarter in one place. Most have already garnered acclaim of developers around the globe, but in case you missed them, here are all eight, listed and linked for your reading pleasure (definitely try to make time for them, there’s some true gems inside).


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How to Extend the OS X Color Panel with a Custom Color Picker?

There is a tool that I have been using for years now without giving it much thought. It does a simple tasks of picking and applying of color. This illusory simplicity seems to have blinded me to the whole concept hidden behind it. I’m sorry Color Panel, let me redeem myself by telling people how to extend you.

Every Mac user is more or less familiar with the Color Panel, the small “Colors” window pops up in many applications when the user has to select a color. From text formatting in Mail, through shape editing in Preview, to storyboards or XIB customization in Xcode − most system apps make use of OS X Color Panel, and it’s even supported by a range of third-party apps, including Pixelmator or Photoshop. swift

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How to Work Effectively on Your Mobile App? Communication & Process

As we follow the precepts of Agile Software Development, the client’s satisfaction is the highest priority for us (right after quality). This approach also allows us to be more flexible and much more effective than the waterfall development model.

Using Agile, we are open to changing requirements, no matter how advanced the development process. Since we work in short time intervals, or Sprints, we provide our clients with first results much faster. This iterative approach allows for and encourages adjusting project course on the go, so we don’t have to spend time creating hefty, 500-page-long specifications, but if we had to, all the required info would be clear and up to date.

Scrum at Macoscope

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