7 Tools to Use When Outsourcing App Development

At Macoscope, we’re constantly making sure that we’re using the best available tools out there. Our choices changed over the years and our practices improved over time. We don’t chase after the hottest, latest additions to the market, but if we notice that the toolset we’re currently using doesn’t cut it anymore, we are not afraid to replace them with better alternatives. If necessary, we create our own solutions like customized reports or a time-tracking app connected with JIRA.

7 Tools to Use When Outsourcing App Development

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Dealing with Localization of Plural Nouns in iOS

In order to fully take advantage of the fact that an application is available worldwide, one must first localize it properly. Depending on the application, the region, and a host of other factors, the process of localization itself may change and require different amounts of resources.

Apple provides iOS developers with a number of different tools and utilities that significantly reduce the burden cost of localization. Using the NSLocalizedString macro together with .strings files is (and rightly so) considered a standard nowadays, but relying solely on the two can sometimes lead to suboptimal solutions. In this post I would like to demonstrate a way to handling localized strings that have to deal with plural forms.

Plural nouns

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Using Technology to Connect Volunteers with People in Need


In a perfect world, we’d only use technology to do good, to foster more real-life interactions, and to help each other. Well, reshaping our world to be a little more perfect every day is what we’re all about. One idea that struck me recently is that we could use readily available mobile technologies to connect volunteers with people in their vicinity who require a little help each day — not permanent care and supervision, but assistance with small tasks and everyday activities, like crossing a busy street near their home, getting groceries, or walking their dog for a couple of minutes. The timeframe for the task is set to be smaller than 20 minutes but that does not preclude volunteers from staying longer. The general assumption, however, is that each instance of help would conclude within this 20-minute-long window, a “quick helping hand,” so to speak.

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Design Award for OUTlife, a Social Networking App

A Raspberry Pi-Based Smart Home Solution

Here at Macoscope, Community is inscribed among our Core Values. Seeing that we don’t have either a receptionist or a front desk, and our office is basically a big house, opening the front gate for visitors and deliveries quickly grew into a problem. To open it, we needed to press a button near the main doors, and the inconvenience of having to step away from our work to walk up to the door multiple times a day terribly annoyed us. What else could we have done but put our heads together, like a true Community would, and try to solve it with a little bit of technology that we’re so good at!


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