Using SonarQube with Jenkins Continuous Integration and GitHub to Improve Code Review


Every app that we develop at Macoscope is built on CI, while Code Review is an inherent part of our creative process. This allows every member of the team to quickly figure out how some new portion of code was implemented and point out what’s wrong with the code and how it can be improved. Another thing that helps produce high quality code is static code analysis. It looks for patterns in code (using a pre-defined set of rules) that can cause bugs and result in security vulnerabilities.

For developers, static code analysis is most helpful when it is an essential part of the code review process. Under such an approach, every pull request is automatically analyzed and potentially incorrect parts of the code are commented. In this short blogpost, we describe how you can implement that approach by integrating SonarQube with Jenkins CI and GitHub for an Android project.

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Chief Wellbeing Officer: Shaping The Office of The Future


At Macoscope, we put people first. Let’s be frank, without the amazing people making up the staff, we would never be where we are today. About a year ago, when we made the decision to expand the scope of our operations and hire new employees, we’ve already had over 20 people on board. To avoid problems brought on by such rapid growth, we decided that it would be a good idea to have someone on staff keeping an eye on the wellbeing of everyone else. That is why we created a dedicated position of Chief Wellbeing Officer: we needed someone to help us take good care of our team, to keep everything running smoothly behind the scenes, and to drive a culture that has made our team happy to work for us.

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Unit Testing RxJava: From Beginner to Competent User

RxJava and Reactive Programming is a very hot topic in the Java and Android worlds and we follow it very closely here at Macoscope. Unfortunately, there aren’t all that many materials available about testing reactive code. I would like to share with you our findings on the subject and guide you through the most reasonable ways of unit testing RxJava-related code. This article is aimed primarily at developers who already have a basic working knowledge of developing applications with the help of RxJava and unit testing in general. Code examples are written in Groovy and use Spock framework as a test runner.


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