Our $30 Paradigm Shift – 3 Months with a Recognition Program at Macoscope

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Does this sound familiar? You arrive at work one morning and immediately set out towards the kitchen to have your first coffee. You open the cupboard… to reveal empty shelving, no cups in sight. Undeterred, you make your way towards the dishwasher but instead of a set of clean tableware for you to use, you discover a new civilization living inside the machine and it’s well on its way to discovering the wheel. Doing what a typical human would do after encountering an alien civilization, you shut the door and start the “summary annihilation” cycle. Forty-five minutes later you empty the dishwasher, clean mugs gleaming in the morning light. Unfortunately, your heroic deed goes completely unrecognized among your coworkers, no paparazzi, no camera flashes to greet you even though you made a sacrifice for the greater good; there is just no place for altruism in this cold and cruel world. Your heart hardens and in this bout of despair you decide to forge a ring of great power.

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Summer in Warsaw: Internship Program for Future iOS Developers

As an Intern, you will spend 2 months as an integral part of our engineering team, working with us on our products for iOS as well as implementing your own ideas.

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Mural Timelapse

Sometimes, when we’ve had enough of gazing at pixel-perfect Retina screens, we do something non-digital to look at. This special piece of art on our wall was created by Krzysztof Syruć. We managed to capture his meticulous effort on video. Here you can see the act of creation in progress as well as the final result adorning our offices. And in the background (or should we say foreground), you can see the everyday reality of the Macoscope headquarters.

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Nozbe & iOS 7 – Part 2: What Else Have We Done

In my last article on the redesign of Nozbe for iOS7 I focused primarily on the imperfections that managed to evade our scrutiny when we shipped our last update of the app. The piece turned out to be extremely important to our Nozbe team. It stirred up a lot of emotions as it focused on our mistakes and oversights and that’s always hard to accept. But it left us with a lot of motivations and determination to keep our promises: we fixed all the bugs and everything that annoyed our users the most, also patching up a few “cosmetic” things in the process.

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Nozbe & iOS 7 – Part 1: Important vs Urgent

We decided to gradually introduce iOS 7 concepts into our apps. Nozbe, a sophisticated app for fans of GTD (Getting Things Done) with task and project management capabilities, was the first one to get the iOS 7 treatment. We started out by removing unnecessary details which served a purely decorative purpose. This, in turn, put the focus back on key elements like content and usability.

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