Simplify your life with fastlane match


A while ago, Arek wrote an excellent blogpost about integrating fastlane with Travis in which he described how to set up Travis CI to build an app and send it to HockeyApp. One way of pulling that off involved storing the signing certificate in the repository; this way, Travis was able to easily access the certificate and the private key, decrypt them, and sign the application. It wasn’t the perfect solution: it required us to store the certificate and key in every project’s repo, and to update them every time the signing id changes. Luckily for us, there’s another fastlane tool that can help us out with our perpetual need to simplify the process of building stuff. Without further ado, let us introduce fastlane match.

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How (Not) to Create a Spell Server for Mac OS X


A while ago, I was asked to figure out how to implement a custom spell-checking service for Mac OS X. The service was commissioned by the people behind Remember, a remarkable project intended to prevent further use of the incorrect phrase “Polish death camps” by journalists and the general public. The task seemed trivial and a cursory search on the Web yielded a result I expected: the Foundation Framework contains the NSSpellServer class which would allow me to implement what I wanted in a fairly straightforward manner.

“Easy,” I thought, “what can go wrong?” And oh boy, if I only knew how wrong I was. Let me tell you a short story about the time I almost pulled half of my hair out.

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