Introducing SwiftyStateMachine

I’m happy to announce that we have open-sourced SwiftyStateMachine, a Swift microframework for creating finite-state machines, designed for clarity and maintainability. Check it out on GitHub.

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The Swift Community in Poland: a Developer’s Diary

Or How We Started Organizing the Swift Meetup in Warsaw

It all started on a calm Spring evening, a little over a month ago, after we decided to stay late at our office in Warsaw to watch the livestream of the keynote from Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

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Improving Debugging Workflow – Introducing MCSLLDBToolkit

Debugging requires focus. Small annoyances can be distracting and delay the whole process. Yesterday, partly as an experiment and partly out of necessity, I started a new project to help us with debugging: MCSLLDBToolkit – a set of handy LLDB commands.

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