Display Calendar Events on a Watch Face with Android Wear

The watch face displaying upcoming calendar events was developed in relation to the Grand Central Board, a board for the new Apple TV that is used by the Macoscope team on a daily basis. In my previous post, I described the process of drawing the watch face itself. In this episode, I’d like to elaborate on displaying upcoming calendar events on the watch. My primary assumption was that events will be pulled from only one calendar. There are a couple of different available ways to pull events from calendars, but not all of them fit the criteria described above. Below, you will find the approaches I’ve tested and my pick for the optimal one.
This entire project is based on Android Wear 1.0 gcbpanel

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Drawing a GCB Watch Face with Android Wear

For the past couple of weeks, we have been using Grand Central Board, an open source dashboard for the Apple TV with a range of capabilities, including a reminder function that informs team members about upcoming meetings. Not everyone, however, has a TV permanently in sight, a fact that may be used as a convenient excuse for being late to company events and the like. Inspired by that fact, I decided to take up the challenge of transposing the event clock widget onto an Android Wear Watch Face. It should be noted that the primary function of the Watch Face I’ll be developing is displaying upcoming events from a selected calendar. In Part 1 of this series, we’ll be focusing on drawing the watch face using Android Wear 1.0. watch-face

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Model-View-Presenter Architecture in Android Applications


Recently, clean architecture has been a hot subject in the Android development world. As developers, our responsibility is not only limited to delivering apps with a bunch of features, we also need easily maintainable code with clear separation between presentation and business logic.

In this post, we’d like to illustrate the usage of the Model-View-Presenter architectural pattern as a method for developing Android apps with a clean architecture approach.

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