Dear Santa, aka All I Want For Christmas is an Apple Watch

Dear Santa,

My name is Matt Chomsky, I am seven years old and I have a younger brother and Mommy, and Daddy. We live in Ohio, and I like it here a lot, I have many friends here.

I’ve been a very good this year. I help Mommy with the dishes and I keep my room clean, and I sometimes help Daddy wash the car. I am also very nice to my brother, and it is really hard, because he’s annoying.

Thank you for all the presents last year, I had a fun playing with the remote controlled car, I especially liked the small drummer set, but now Mommy says it doesn’t work anymore and she gave it to our neighbours, though I really asked her not to.

This year I am not going to ask for a lot, I just want one thing: an Apple Watch. This will be perfect for me and will help me to marry Jo-Anne.

I have been dreaming about it for last few months. It has everything I need!

It grabs attention, so all my friends will be green with envy when they see me wearing it. Don’t worry, I will let them play with it. Well, sometimes. Some of them.

It displays the time, but only when I really look at it and move my hand, so no one will be able to check the time without my say so. It shows how fast my heart beats, so I can show Jo-Anne that I truly love her and maybe she’ll marry me someday. She will understand that my heart belongs to her once she sees the charts on my watch.

It displays all the notifications I need: I will see new Snaps as soon as they are uploaded, amazing!

The battery life is so short that I will have to make sure to relax every now and then to recharge my watch inside the house. Mommy will like it, since she complains that I spend too much time outdoors, instead of reading school books and doing homework in my room.

It needs so much tinkering in order to get to any app or settings that I will never be bored in the schoolbus again! I will always be busy adjusting the settings or searching for the app I need. Perfect!

And the best is that I could literally talk to my hand and still will be heard by the person on the other end of the line, how cool is that?! It’s like living in the future!

Santa, I have been very good this year, so please, please, please, bring me this small precious watch.

Thank you, Matt

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