How to Choose a Software Development Company to Build Your App?

Recently, I spent some time on Quora sharing our knowledge about app design, app development, working with software development companies, etc., with fellow Quorans.

What I’ve noticed is that when users ask how they can find a good software development company, and they do so pretty often, they get flooded with hundreds of spammy messages and links to company websites. Even employees of companies that get mentioned show up to emphasize their successes and specialties. However, I am not convinced this is really helpful for the person asking the question.

When it comes to looking for recommended industry professionals, I always have one answer: spend some time on This is a B2B research-and-reviews directory focused on development, design, and marketing companies.

How to Choose a Software Development Company

Honest Reviews of Software Development Companies

Even though Clutch profiles are filled out mostly by company representatives, Clutch has taken steps to prevent them from abusing the trust of the users. They don’t allow companies to directly add testimonials from their clients – Clutch does it by themselves. They ask for contact information for said clients and they set up a short phone call with them to hear their review first hand.

It’s obvious that no company will choose to feature poor reviews of their work on their website. You cannot, however, pick and choose the reviews that will be left on your Clutch profile. This is what makes them the single most relevant source of knowledge about the app design and development industry.

How to Check a Software Development Company?

It takes some time to sort through all the profiles available on Clutch. Then, most of them are often really detailed, so the entire process becomes even more time-consuming. You can literally spend hours browsing case studies in portfolios, reading reviews, and analyzing hourly rates provided by the companies.

For those less willing to peruse the analyses, Clutch provides lists of leading App Developers. The Macoscope team has been recognized as one of the leading App Developers in Poland. Moreover, we’ve been named one of the top 10 User Experience Agencies in the world!

Clutch’s internal assessment of the companies included in their research was based on a variety of factors, including services provided, client list, portfolio items, and industry recognition. Clutch analysts then interviewed some of our esteemed clients about their experience working with us. The positive feedback that we received from them was very humbling. If you are interested, you can read it here.

We’re extremely proud to have our efforts and our company culture recognized by Clutch, which emphasizes the value that we put into great quality work and client satisfaction. Check out our Clutch profile to learn more about how we were evaluated and read the full-length reviews.

Interested in working with a leading software development company? Tell us more about your app!

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