How to Work Effectively on Your Mobile App with a Remote Team?


With headquarters in Warsaw and an office in New York, our reach is truly global.

In the previous installment of this series that I wrote back in February, I shared the details on the inner workings of our team. This time around, I would like to focus on one additional and very important aspect of our daily efforts: remote work.

Funny enough, our clients are pretty much always thousands of miles away from our headquarters, so believe us when we say that we have mastered workflow organization and communication across different timezones. Finding a convenient time overlap is a priority for us, so we always make sure that the client can reach out to the team in the most favorable time. It may be their first time outsourcing, but for us it is part and parcel of the work culture we’ve been developing since 2009.

What is more, with our office in New York, we are easily available for face-to-face meetings anywhere in the US. We also love having our clients drop by the office, simply to catch up or to discuss their app ideas.


As a team we prefer to work together in one office, since it really empowers our internal communication and allows us to work smoothly. However, we are more than happy to have our clients visit us (in fact, we love to have our clients staying over in Warsaw!), and we are also willing to visit their neck of the woods when necessary. Even though we have been in the tech industry for nearly a decade now, we haven’t forgotten the value of face-to-face time.


Interested in working on your app idea with us? Willing to meet us in New York or in Warsaw? Drop us an e-mail and we will be in touch!

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