iOS 7 Dynamic Type Simulator for Designers

Text Kit

Text Kit, introduced in iOS 7, gives us much more control over text than previous iOS releases; plus, its implementation is far easier. Bundled with Xcode 5, developers were handed a set of tools for text management and fine typography, comparable with tools available in industry standard DTP software like Adobe InDesign, the long-standing choice of designers everywhere. Precise kerning control, setting default styles based on text function, and ligatures are just a few of the improvements introduced with the latest major iOS release.

A Cheat Sheet for the Designer

Dynamic Type is a new function in iOS 7 that determines the size and relationships between fonts used application-wide. By default, we can choose from six styles: Headline, Subheadline, Body, Footnote, Caption 1, and Caption 2. Using these, we can create sets made up of specific font weights and width, including Light, Regular, Bold, Italic, Condensed, Expanded, etc., depending on the number of font versions in a specific typeface. Below is a sample of default styles that we get when using Dynamic Type with the Helvetica Neue typeface. This allows us to use graphic design software to simulate how the user’s decision to increase or decrease text size will influence font size and relationships.

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