Mobile Central Europe – Meet Geeks Just Like You

TL;DR: Warsaw, Poland. January 11th, 2014. iOS, Android, UI design, human interaction. 21 sessions. 3 tracks. 21 speakers from all over the world. 7 hours jam-packed with tech knowledge. 0% bullshit. Mobile to hardware/Internet of Things hackathon the day before. And an epic afterparty right after the conference concludes.

We’re putting together a conference – Mobile Central Europe – an event for mobile developers like us. In just a couple of weeks, in the middle of the snow-strewn month of January, probably the coldest time of the year here in Warsaw, Poland, we’ll have the privilege of hosting people like Mike Lee (Appsterdam/Apple/Tapulous/Delicious Monster/Obama ’08), Orta Therox (CocoaPods) or Dave Wiskus, to name just a few.

In collaboration with Polidea and FutureMind, two Warsaw-based software houses, we’re trying to develop ideas and expand the platform that’s currently driving the Mobile Warsaw meetups effort (400+ members after 8 months). We’re seeing a lot of engineering talent in the area, at least a hundred developers pop up at every meeting, all of them eager to learn something from one another. We wanted to give the mobile development community in the region something special and make the pack stronger in the process.

After attending NSConference a couple of times, and later visiting WWDC and similar conferences, we decided that we want to bring the spirit of those meetings back to Central Europe. There are lots of other events around, but none of them are really focused so much on mobile technologies. On code. On whatever you can fit between two square brackets. You know what we’re talking about.

So, regardless of where you’re located right now (we’re seeing people from Germany, the Ukraine, the Czech Republic, and a host of other countries buying tickets for the conference), we humbly invite you to join us in January and check out Mobile Central Europe for yourself. But please, don’t forget to bring gloves. Drinks are on us.

Grab your ticket and see you there!

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