On the Power of Testimonials

A few weeks back we celebrated Macoscope’s 5th birthday. A couple of days later, our newest client surprised us with an especially favorable testimonial and let me tell you, we could not have imagined a better birthday present.

This is what makes all the late nights spent squashing bugs worth it. If we ever lose faith in what we do, even for the tiniest of moments, we look back to testimonials for a little pick me up. That’s all we need to put us back on the right track, a kind word from someone with first hand knowledge of the value of our work.

Positive feedback is great and everyone loves to get it. Ever since starting our kindergarten education, we’re conditioned to respond to validation from our peers and superiors. And no wonder, a kind word from someone we trust may work miracles for our confidence and self-worth. There are not that many people on the face of this planet that will scoff at expressions of approval, verbal or otherwise. Unless you’re sworn enemies, of course.

Anyway, here’s what the testimonial said:

I’ve been an entrepreneur for 18 years and been a part of 6 startups during that time. I’ve worked with dozens of consultancies and without a doubt, Macoscope is the finest I’ve ever worked with.

This summer I was pivoting my current company to focus on mobile and was under extreme pressure to get an app out quickly. I wrote Macoscope on a Thursday, with a brief explanation of the project and a set of wireframes. By next Wednesday, I had a first set of designs, within two weeks, I had our first working feature, and two months later the was app submitted to the app store. Macoscope isn’t just a development shop, they are entrepreneurs who get mobile at every level: UX, design, and development. They have a fantastic product development process and are great communicators.

Macoscope played no small role in saving my business. I couldn’t have asked for more and look forward to having them as part of my team.

Getting recognized like this makes us all gooey and warm inside. It also does wonders for team cohesion. Software development is a fairly stressful job, you never know what new bug or snafu is waiting around the corner, ready to pounce when you least expect it. Agata has written at length about how we handle internal expressions of gratitude. But external acknowledgment is something else entirely. We’re super proud whenever a product we deliver is so well received. Knowing that you and your merry band of fellow developers and designers made something with your own hands that now will be used by thousands of people across the globe is immensely satisfying. Whenever we ship something, we feel like nothing is beyond our reach. If you want to check out other opinions we’ve received over the years, check out our website.

But enough with the talking, time to celebrate!

Silver Linings
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