OUTlife: the LGBTQ Community Empowerment App


It is our privilege to present the most ambitious LGBTQ social networking app in the world. OUTlife is designed to empower all gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people and includes features that enable them to easily share their experiences, personal stories, and meet new people in a safe and hate-free environment. It is not just another dating app, but a secure community designed with a strong focus on friendships and mutual support in mind. “Most networks are either aimed at lesbians or gays, and they are all about sex or dating. OUTlife is unique because we focus on everyday life and the small but special moments we experience and share with friends, acquaintances, and partners. It’s a completely different approach from the other sites that are out there. But the most important thing for us is to be inclusive and be the network for everyone in the community. That’s why our motto is: Be the YOU you are,” says Peter Holm, OUTlife CEO.

Macoscope is responsible for the design and development of the OUTlife app for both iOS and Android platforms. By design and by principle, all data remains safe and private within this secure and free-to-use community and our designs enhance and communicate the resulting feeling of safety and welcome. User profiles and pictures are encrypted and will never be sold or show up on Google or other search engines, OUTlife founders assure. So, no matter whether user is open about their sexuality, single or in a relationship, in OUTlife they are free to be friends with whomever they want and to simply be themselves. OUTlife empowers members of all sexual minorities to meet new friends, find old ones, and grow their LGBTQ network of friendships and mutual support across the entire globe.

When it comes to design, we decided on a neutral color palette, clear iconography, and minimalist typography to enable the users to focus on what’s most important: the content, their experiences, and friendships.

We’re really proud of our work because too many LGBTQ people around the world today continue to suffer from bullying and stigmatization within their communities and fall victim to hate crimes. With the help of companies and organizations willing to show their support, we can make a real difference by providing help, protection, and guidance to LGBTQ people.

See the detailed case study on our profile on Behance.

You can download and test it for yourself over here (as of this moment, OUTlife is available only for iOS, Android version will be released shortly).

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