Quartz Composer Going Wireless

Some time ago I tackled the problem of messed-up connections in Quartz Composer. While the cable-like solution was surely an improvement in comparison to the original implementation, I quickly realised it can be easily made much better. Instead of making connections even more cabel-ly, I’ve attacked the core of the problem – the connections themselves.

With Ethernet ports being almost gone from the MacBook lineup and with iOS devices missing them entirely, it’s clear that wireless is the future. Cables are artefacts of the last century. Many of their drawbacks constantly prevent people from living painlessly. Not only do cables tangle constantly, but also it is estimated that over 14 million people get injured every year tripping over them. The less cables in our day to day environment the better.

With this insightful idea in mind I’ve jumped into Xcode and within an hour I had a working antenna-based connections in Quartz Composer:


As you can see, I’ve made the connections directional and the antennas automatically adjust their angle to beam the data into their companions. This prevents the troublesome radio waves interference, making the connection crystal clear.

Get rid of the cables today! Download the plugin from our GitHub.

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