Silver Linings

We have some exciting news we’d like to share. Ever since our company was founded over five years ago, we’ve striven to create only top-notch products, applications that make our everyday lives better and easier. So you can imagine the elation at our offices when we received the Silver Award in the Best Mobile or App Startup at the 2014 US Mobile & App Design Awards!

But that’s not the only reason to celebrate. After making the app free for all platforms (iOS and Mac), Bubble Browser shot up to 3rd place in the US App Store’s Business category! Awards and top spots in the App Store, that’s what we call making waves in the industry!

None of that, however, would have happened without you: our clients and our fans. Your support is what keeps us going when the going gets rough. We’ve made no secret of the fact that we love our work, but the business we’re in is not always flowers and sunshine. Pushing through the tougher spots and working out the kinks until everything’s perfect requires time and patience, on our side as well as on yours. So thanks again for believing in us. There’s nothing in the world we’d rather do than work with you and for you.

Ever onwards and upwards!

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