How to Work Effectively on Your Mobile App with a Remote Team?


With headquarters in Warsaw and an office in New York, our reach is truly global.

In the previous installment of this series that I wrote back in February, I shared the details on the inner workings of our team. This time around, I would like to focus on one additional and very important aspect of our daily efforts: remote work.

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Trends and Concepts for 2016: Sensors and the Workplace


The turn of each year is marked with forecasters trying their best to predict trends that will take the world by storm in the coming twelve months. Tech, design, and business consultancies are busy trying to identify tendencies and opportunities that might occur in the near future and figure out how to help others tap into them. We thought that it might be fun to show how these trends might work together in an app. In order to take advantage of their full potential and demonstrate how our approach positions trends as business and design opportunities, we combined them with real user needs. Trends are a great creativity trigger, but when it comes to app design you need to be both creative and realistic, so we distilled one idea that banged around our heads into a concept of an app that might actually work and help people.

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How to Work Effectively on Your Mobile App? Part 1: The Team

At Macoscope, we consider working in close-knit teams to be one of our core values. It means that not only do we act like a team when working internally, but the precept also applies to our relationships with clients. We act as a team, regardless of whether you are a co-worker sitting in the same office, or a paying client we have never met in person. Moreover, it means that we don’t work separately from each other: when hiring Macoscope, you won’t be paying for a single developer, you will be getting a dedicated team, with the combined skillset and extensive know-how of its members, accrued over years of experience. When necessary, the team working on your project will be able to use the knowledge and expertise of other Macoscope team members.

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Ingredients for a Remarkable TV Experience

“The Ingredients Series” is an ongoing design endeavor at Macoscope; its purpose: to push the user experience envelope across different industries in order to envision potential business value.

Future TV

As we were catching up with all our favorite TV series and movies over the holidays, we asked ourselves: “What kind of TV experience users would want to pay for?”

This question, combined with our obsession with UX and UI tweaks, resulted in a bold vision of an all-in-one experience designed around opportunities mostly unexplored by all the major players. An ever-rising number of platforms, content providers, and syndicators are entering the mobile application market, but their primary oeuvre consists of streaming apps that enable users to comfortably switch screens and consume content on the go. Yet it is both smaller screens and our digital environment that are doing a much better job of providing users and companies with superior experiences.

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Our Farewell to an Eventful 2015

Our Farewell to an Eventful 2015 The beginning of the year is always a good moment to look back and get a new, fresh perspective on things past. 2015 was truly a great year for designers and developers, and with widespread adoption of collaborative software like InVision and Slack, more amazing products got shipped faster and in a more effective manner. Looking forward to all the things that 2016 has in store for us, we prepared a short list of events that had the most profound impact on the industry in 2015:

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