Using the Zephyr Add-on in Quality Assurance

Zephyr is a test management add-on for Atlasssian. It allows project teams to add testing to agile creation processes (and to planning, coding, and collaborating on software releases). Using this tool, you will be able to create test cases that could be used in further stages of development process to demonstrate the progress made on a given piece of software. It also helps with organization of work and allows us to work better and more efficiently.


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7 Tools to Use When Outsourcing App Development

At Macoscope, we’re constantly making sure that we’re using the best available tools out there. Our choices changed over the years and our practices improved over time. We don’t chase after the hottest, latest additions to the market, but if we notice that the toolset we’re currently using doesn’t cut it anymore, we are not afraid to replace them with better alternatives. If necessary, we create our own solutions like customized reports or a time-tracking app connected with JIRA.

7 Tools to Use When Outsourcing App Development

Interested in discussing your mobile app with us? Let’s get in touch so we can estimate the workload and come up with a solution package tailored to your requirements.

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Dealing with Localization of Plural Nouns in iOS

In order to fully take advantage of the fact that an application is available worldwide, one must first localize it properly. Depending on the application, the region, and a host of other factors, the process of localization itself may change and require different amounts of resources.

Apple provides iOS developers with a number of different tools and utilities that significantly reduce the burden cost of localization. Using the NSLocalizedString macro together with .strings files is (and rightly so) considered a standard nowadays, but relying solely on the two can sometimes lead to suboptimal solutions. In this post I would like to demonstrate a way to handling localized strings that have to deal with plural forms.

Plural nouns

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Using SonarQube with Jenkins Continuous Integration and GitHub to Improve Code Review


Every app that we develop at Macoscope is built on CI, while Code Review is an inherent part of our creative process. This allows every member of the team to quickly figure out how some new portion of code was implemented and point out what’s wrong with the code and how it can be improved. Another thing that helps produce high quality code is static code analysis. It looks for patterns in code (using a pre-defined set of rules) that can cause bugs and result in security vulnerabilities.

For developers, static code analysis is most helpful when it is an essential part of the code review process. Under such an approach, every pull request is automatically analyzed and potentially incorrect parts of the code are commented. In this short blogpost, we describe how you can implement that approach by integrating SonarQube with Jenkins CI and GitHub for an Android project.

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8 Tech-Related Blog Posts You May Have Missed in Q1 on the Macoscope Blog

Here at Macoscope, we believe in supporting other developers and we try to give back to the dev community whenever we can. You can follow our GitHub repositories, we support local Swift meet-ups and regularly share our know-how on this blog and in our newsletter. Since following blogs can be too time-consuming nowadays, I decided to gather the tech-centered blog posts you may have missed that we published over the course of the last quarter in one place. Most have already garnered acclaim of developers around the globe, but in case you missed them, here are all eight, listed and linked for your reading pleasure (definitely try to make time for them, there’s some true gems inside).


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