Grand Central Board for the Apple TV

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It is with a great deal of pride that I’d like to present to you the Grand Central Board, the latest Open Source project that we have started here at Macoscope.

Seeing that this is my first post on this blog, I should probably introduce myself, maybe even show off a little bit. Some of you may even know me already, because one of my previous Open Source projects, Design Patterns In Swift, gained real traction in the community and, with over 5000 stars, gave me quite the reputation in worldwide Swift rankings on GitHub Awards.

But now let me tell you the story of how this new project came to life.

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Dear Santa, aka All I Want For Christmas is an Apple Watch

Dear Santa,

My name is Matt Chomsky, I am seven years old and I have a younger brother and Mommy, and Daddy. We live in Ohio, and I like it here a lot, I have many friends here.

I’ve been a very good this year. I help Mommy with the dishes and I keep my room clean, and I sometimes help Daddy wash the car. I am also very nice to my brother, and it is really hard, because he’s annoying.

Thank you for all the presents last year, I had a fun playing with the remote controlled car, I especially liked the small drummer set, but now Mommy says it doesn’t work anymore and she gave it to our neighbours, though I really asked her not to.

This year I am not going to ask for a lot, I just want one thing: an Apple Watch. This will be perfect for me and will help me to marry Jo-Anne.

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The Not-So-Complicated Complications

Last week Apple showed us the new ClockKit framework that we can use to integrate our existing Watch app into the standard clock face. Even though the majority of us would prefer creating fully custom clock faces from scratch, complications are quite a powerful piece of UX and you should try to add one to your app.

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Macoscope goes to Belarus

As you probably know, a few of us here at Macoscope are actively involved in putting together a local Swift meetup in Warsaw – Swift Warsaw.

We believe in giving back to the community – not only because it’s The Right Thing to do, but simply because it pays off tremendously: we get to meet new people, forge new friendships, and learn from each other. So when Janina Łaszkiewicz, involved with and other cool projects in Minsk, invited us to come over to the Belarusian capital and be a part of a Swift event she was putting together, it didn’t took long for me and Michał to accept the invitation. After getting all our paperwork sorted out and buying airline tickets we didn’t have to wait all that long for December 19 to come around; soon enough we found ourselves aboard a Belavia flight to Minsk. A short cab ride later we were standing right in the heart of the capital of Belarus.

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