Improving Communication with Your Design Team

The most important factor that directly determines the efficiency of our communication efforts is the so-called “shared understanding.” Everyone on the team needs to know the purpose of the product, the idea behind it, the needs of the end users, and the actual value we are delivering. We all have to agree on every single one of these issues. Not only that − all of us, as a company, need to discuss the user experience, the deliverables, and the business potential of the product.

So what are the best practices we use to achieve shared understanding between the client and the design team, and to improve communication?

How to Improve Communication with Design Team?

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How to Work Effectively on Your Mobile App with a Remote Team?


With headquarters in Warsaw and an office in New York, our reach is truly global.

In the previous installment of this series that I wrote back in February, I shared the details on the inner workings of our team. This time around, I would like to focus on one additional and very important aspect of our daily efforts: remote work.

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How to Address and Solve Team Issues Quickly and Effectively?


Over the past 6 months our team expanded from 15 people to over 30+ and, as one can imagine, we experienced the entire range of issues that can stem from such a growth. Not only did we have a lot of new names to learn, we also had to find the solutions and tools that would make our collaboration smoother and more effective.

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