Our Farewell to an Eventful 2015

Our Farewell to an Eventful 2015 The beginning of the year is always a good moment to look back and get a new, fresh perspective on things past. 2015 was truly a great year for designers and developers, and with widespread adoption of collaborative software like InVision and Slack, more amazing products got shipped faster and in a more effective manner. Looking forward to all the things that 2016 has in store for us, we prepared a short list of events that had the most profound impact on the industry in 2015:

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We like to win!

It’s official: the world’s best coders come from Poland.

Polish team Need for C has won the world’s first computer coding championship “Hello World Open” held in the Finnish capital, Helsinki.

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Console patch for Quartz Composer

TL;DR QCConsole is a free and open source printf/NSLog/put-like patch for your Quartz Composer compositions.

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