Design Award for OUTlife, a Social Networking App

Chief Wellbeing Officer: Shaping The Office of The Future


At Macoscope, we put people first. Let’s be frank, without the amazing people making up the staff, we would never be where we are today. About a year ago, when we made the decision to expand the scope of our operations and hire new employees, we’ve already had over 20 people on board. To avoid problems brought on by such rapid growth, we decided that it would be a good idea to have someone on staff keeping an eye on the wellbeing of everyone else. That is why we created a dedicated position of Chief Wellbeing Officer: we needed someone to help us take good care of our team, to keep everything running smoothly behind the scenes, and to drive a culture that has made our team happy to work for us.

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What I Learned About Product, Design and Coding at the MCE Conference

Last week, along with a couple of colleagues I attended the Mobile Central Europe (MCE^3) conference in Kinoteka, a sprawling cinema complex in downtown Warsaw.

This year saw the third installment of the conference, focused on bringing designers, developers, and everyone in between together to share knowledge with people from around the world.

The number 3 in the name of conference had one additional meaning. There were three talk tracks, each one with a separate overarching theme: Engineering, Design−both of which we already know from prior editions of the conference−and a new one, introduced only this year, Product. I decided to leave my developer comfort zone and learn something new from all three tracks.

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OUTlife: the LGBTQ Community Empowerment App


It is our privilege to present the most ambitious LGBTQ social networking app in the world. OUTlife is designed to empower all gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people and includes features that enable them to easily share their experiences, personal stories, and meet new people in a safe and hate-free environment. It is not just another dating app, but a secure community designed with a strong focus on friendships and mutual support in mind. “Most networks are either aimed at lesbians or gays, and they are all about sex or dating. OUTlife is unique because we focus on everyday life and the small but special moments we experience and share with friends, acquaintances, and partners. It’s a completely different approach from the other sites that are out there. But the most important thing for us is to be inclusive and be the network for everyone in the community. That’s why our motto is: Be the YOU you are,” says Peter Holm, OUTlife CEO.

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Macoscope Becomes an Evernote Certified Developer!