Dealing with Localization of Plural Nouns in iOS

In order to fully take advantage of the fact that an application is available worldwide, one must first localize it properly. Depending on the application, the region, and a host of other factors, the process of localization itself may change and require different amounts of resources.

Apple provides iOS developers with a number of different tools and utilities that significantly reduce the burden cost of localization. Using the NSLocalizedString macro together with .strings files is (and rightly so) considered a standard nowadays, but relying solely on the two can sometimes lead to suboptimal solutions. In this post I would like to demonstrate a way to handling localized strings that have to deal with plural forms.

Plural nouns

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Using Technology to Foster Real-Life Interactions in the Workplace


If you take a look at the current landscape of productivity and to-do list apps, every product out there seems to be thoroughly researched and polished down to the smallest detail. To-do lists and other apps help us stay productive and work as efficiently as possible. But what about breaks in between periods of intense concentration? Our conceptual app helps people relax together and promotes human interaction in the workplace. By combining the capabilities of to-do list software (like Things or Asana), Harvest (or other time-tracking tools), the Pomodoro Technique, Slack integration, and indoor location sensors (like Estimote Beacons), we devised a concept for a simple app that might solve an important problem plaguing the contemporary workforce: finding the right time to meet with your co-workers, either as a group or for a face-to-face convo. We want to foster more real-life interactions in the workplace with a little help from modern technology.

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Trends and Concepts for 2016: Sensors and the Workplace


The turn of each year is marked with forecasters trying their best to predict trends that will take the world by storm in the coming twelve months. Tech, design, and business consultancies are busy trying to identify tendencies and opportunities that might occur in the near future and figure out how to help others tap into them. We thought that it might be fun to show how these trends might work together in an app. In order to take advantage of their full potential and demonstrate how our approach positions trends as business and design opportunities, we combined them with real user needs. Trends are a great creativity trigger, but when it comes to app design you need to be both creative and realistic, so we distilled one idea that banged around our heads into a concept of an app that might actually work and help people.

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Why Try Harder: How to Become a Better Entrepreneur, Designer or Developer

How is 2016 treating you so far? Hope you are all having an amazing time sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions. If trying harder this year is on your list, then you definitely should check out the talk our CEO gave on this subject at the 2015 Mobiconf, one of the biggest European conferences on everything mobile.

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I Hate Time Tracking

I want to share something with you today: although I’m a Project Manager, I despise tracking time and keeping worklogs. Each day at the office is usually divided into numerous smaller activities with frequent context changes. Despite my utmost desire to map out the workday ahead of me, I can’t fully commit myself to that task because, by definition, Project Managers have to dispatch problems as fast as it is humanly possible.

On the other hand, I completely understand the reasoning behind tracking time and the value that proper worklogs can have for any given organization, and this post will delve into both of these issues. Hold on to your seats, this is going to get pretty wild.

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