Using Technology to Foster Real-Life Interactions in the Workplace


If you take a look at the current landscape of productivity and to-do list apps, every product out there seems to be thoroughly researched and polished down to the smallest detail. To-do lists and other apps help us stay productive and work as efficiently as possible. But what about breaks in between periods of intense concentration? Our conceptual app helps people relax together and promotes human interaction in the workplace. By combining the capabilities of to-do list software (like Things or Asana), Harvest (or other time-tracking tools), the Pomodoro Technique, Slack integration, and indoor location sensors (like Estimote Beacons), we devised a concept for a simple app that might solve an important problem plaguing the contemporary workforce: finding the right time to meet with your co-workers, either as a group or for a face-to-face convo. We want to foster more real-life interactions in the workplace with a little help from modern technology.

The flow of our concept app is pared down to be as simple as possible:

  1. Select the task that you created in the to-do app of your choice,
  2. Enter the amount of time you want to devote to concentrating and working on the selected task,
  3. Check the availability of other coworkers, ongoing breaks, or create a group or individual break,
  4. Select location to spend the break/set up the meeting at
  5. Start the break
  6. If necessary (for example, when having trouble finding each other), chat with other co-workers using the in-app chat (which automatically creates an integrated Slack room for people who signed up for the break with you)
  7. End your break and get back to doing your stuff.
Ilustracja 1

Start working on a task from your to-do list or add a new one

Ilustracja 2

Track your time with the app’s built-in Harvest integration. Check co-worker availability. Select the perfect location for your break.

Ilustracja 3

Take a break with your friends at work, communicate using built-in Slack integration.

Like Our Idea? We’d Love to Hear from You!

If you like our ideas or would like to talk with us about possible uses of sensors or any other stuff involving app design, development, or a future-oriented approach to mobile technologies, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’d love to hear your thoughts on this concept, the general future of wearables, and the plethora of sensors that already surround us whose number will only grow in the near future.

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