Why Try Harder: How to Become a Better Entrepreneur, Designer or Developer

How is 2016 treating you so far? Hope you are all having an amazing time sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions. If trying harder this year is on your list, then you definitely should check out the talk our CEO gave on this subject at the 2015 Mobiconf, one of the biggest European conferences on everything mobile.

As we strive in our quest to be great engineers and designers, we are always on the lookout for new tools, languages, and processes that could help us do our jobs better. Unfortunately, we often disregard the discussion around the mental frameworks that make us who we are and heavily influence the way we work and approach our craft.

Am I trying hard enough? Is it worth it? Why bother? Who cares?

Stay inspired and share with your friends and colleagues, since it’s been scientifically proven that you are the people you interact with, so they should also try harder.

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